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On the ice, in the dark

March 30, 2015
As dusk fell on Lake Simcoe’s icy expanse, the moon’s silvery glow began to take hold. The wind calmed and an absolute silence settled in its place only to be broken, yet again, by the roar of my Jiffy auger. The night was approaching and I was back, drilling another hole, in search of a fish that had captivated my late ice fishing endeavors. Read more

You never know until it’s in the hole

February 22, 2014
I figured the same spot I caught the whitefish at last weekend was worth another look early in the morning. I had my line wet at 7am and stared at a blank screen for a long time. A few hours later, I moved around and marked some fish deeper (60-70fow) but they were just as inactive as they had been the last 50 times I have tried for them. Read more