Soft-mouth syndrome

March 1, 2014

Today’s plan was to cover as much water as my arm-powered 8″ fin bor III would allow me to.

I launched from Jackson’s point, drilled up to the north end of Georgina Island, and then drilled my way back home. 16 holes in total.

The first half of the day was spent mostly in 55-65 fow. I hardly marked anything. 8 holes is probably not even near enough to find fish on the flats. I think that’s where I went wrong.

Second half of the day I spent shallower, 35-55 fow and had a blast. Well, a frustrating blast… because I lost 4 fish and landed only 1 of the five I hooked. Such light bites and heavy weights tells me whitefish were to blame. I did land one laker though to somewhat redeem myself.

IMG 7287 Soft mouth syndrome

At the end of the day I popped a hole in 35 fow to see what I would find. I found some little, hard-biting fish that could’t even fit the small jigging rap in their mouths. Probrably little perch given the aggression in their bites.

Then, at the same hole, while I was bouncing the bottom, my lure got “stuck” at the same time a lump showed up on the screen. I tightened the drag a bit to get a better hookset, but forgot to loosen it back at the hole. I think my swivel caught on the soft bottom ice and, before I could see the fish, SNAP away went the ‘rap! I hope somebody still has them in stock! The fish sold me out and I don’t have a return policy through the ice.

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