The elusive hungry whitefish

January 26, 2016

Returning from Belize and preparing to depart to Hawaii in a few days time, I had all but one day to spend on the hard water this season.  The whitefish must have been aware that I wouldn’t be bothering them much this year, because they decided to return the favour by making my one day quite a memorable one!

P1252824 1024x768 The elusive hungry whitefish

Oversleeping my alarm, I trekked out on the fresh ice of Kempenfelt Bay at around 10am.  I poked around over 30-50 feet of water without much success, barely marking a thing.

When I moved deeper, around 100 fow, there was no shortage of those slow, lazy marks smearing my screen from the bottom to a few feet up.  After a few unsuccessful chases from lake trout, I decided to shift my focus to those lazy whitefish.

Down went a bad boy tipped with some yummy fish food and I quickly had two topside.

P1252801 1024x768 The elusive hungry whitefish

The bites continued, but I lost most of them after a few head shakes.  I theorized they were biting the end of the bait and not taking the hook completely.

P1252822 1024x768 The elusive hungry whitefish

Nevertheless, the whitefish were definitely HUNGRY.  I am so accustomed to these fish completely ignoring my lures that this was more than a simple pleasant surprise, it was whitefish nirvana.

P1252797 1024x768 The elusive hungry whitefish

After some fiddling, they appeared to prefer my bad boy jig to sit completely stationary for the bite.

As the sun set, I switched over to working a swim bait up and down the water column to see if I could connect with a lake trout, but it wasn’t meant to be.

The past few ice seasons for me have been exhaustive and mostly empty-handed searches for these hungry whitefish.  It’s a bit ironic that the one ice season I put forth the least amount of effort I connect with the most whitefish!

OI000067 1024x768 The elusive hungry whitefish

…see you in the spring you shiny buggers!

P1252847 1024x768 The elusive hungry whitefish

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