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Georgian Bay sunset

Some more alone time on Georgian Bay

October 6, 2014
With the salmon just beginning to make their appearance at Lake Ontario’s tributary mouths, I made one more camping trip to Georgian Bay before I would be swept away by salmon fever. Things began exactly as they did on my previous trip and I had camp set up by nightfall. Read more

Some alone time on Georgian Bay

August 12, 2014
Georgian Bay is quite the destination here in Ontario. It’s a massive bay of Lake Huron with swiss-cheese-like shorelines studded with countless islands, shoals and channels. It could take well over a lifetime to explore the limitless bays and back bays of this geographical marvel. Read more

Not your typical bait fish

June 26, 2014
Walked around the corner from home to do some bait catching for an upcoming trip to my friend’s cottage. Half the submerged shopping cart seemed good place to start! I focused on the slack water just upstream that shopping cart. I started with a #12ish hook but I wanted some smaller creek chubs, so I tied on a #22. Read more