When a grown man stood up to 1″ fish

May 16, 2014

Last year I had quite the blunder trying for my lifer rainbow darters. Lots of wind and freezing water.

Today I had my revenge! Armed with some sampling information, I went out in search of a lifer Redside Dace… instead I found something just as colourful darting around!  After a few tries, she had the tanago hook in her mouth!

New species #110, Rainbow darter!

DSCN3158 When a grown man stood up to 1 fish

DSCN3220 When a grown man stood up to 1 fish

A post-photoshoot release. She was getting tired of being a star.

DSCN3255 When a grown man stood up to 1 fish

And the choir of creek chubs continued… along with one of the 200 ants that I, my camera, and my photo tank were all covered in. *shivers*

Edit August 4, 2015: While the dace below appears to be a blacknose dace, it seems under-pigmented and the black lateral stripe fails to continue through the eye. I’m labeling this post with the “unidentified fish” tag for now and will come back to it.

DSCN3151 When a grown man stood up to 1 fish


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