Not your typical bait fish

June 26, 2014

Walked around the corner from home to do some bait catching for an upcoming trip to my friend’s cottage. Half the submerged shopping cart seemed good place to start!

I focused on the slack water just upstream that shopping cart.

IMG 20140626 00010 Not your typical bait fish

I started with a #12ish hook but I wanted some smaller creek chubs, so I tied on a #22. I couldn’t fit my line through the hook eye so I did two granny knots. This made the hook ride at an awful angle that failed at hooking everything.

I caved in and tied on one of my tanago hooks. Then, I was catching the right size creek chub.

I knew there were Redside Dace around and that this species was listed as endangered in Ontario.  I checked each fish before dumping it into the bait bucket.

Well about 15 chubs in, I actually managed to get one! Of course I had neither my camera nor my photo tank, so my cell phone had to suffice.

IMG 20140626 00003 Not your typical bait fish

Nice to get one so close to home.

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