My first microfishing adventure

July 5, 2012

It was about a month or two ago when Ken introduced me to Roughfish, the concept of lifelists, and microfishing. Well I finally gave microfishing a try! I tied on some 4lb fluoro and my smallest hook.

My target was any sort of stickleback. I have not identified which species lurks in my local creek, but I know they are there. I found one in a minnow trap of mine a month ago, so I know they’re there somewhere.

To my misadventure, the creek is thick with creek chubs. They absolutely swarm anything that touches the water. This was the standard fare of the day:

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Aside from the creek chubs, I still do not have an ID on this particular fish.  The only picture I took hasn’t been sufficient to properly identify it.

548528 3181097220210 251298813 n My first microfishing adventure

There were some gorgeous damselflies in the area.

555529 3181096500192 1038703038 n My first microfishing adventure

In my search for the sticklebacks, I did come across an abnormally large fish. Now, trying to catch this one fish in the swarm of tiny minnows was a challege in and of itself. The tiny swarms would always beat the lunker to the bait. I had to devise a plan!

I tried throwing bits of bread in the water, about a yard or so from the lunker. Of course, the minnows swarmed the bread and it gave me a clear shot at pitching my bait to the big guy! It worked and I quickly had him in my hand…

486156 3181095740173 1226909797 n My first microfishing adventure

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