Jumbo laker chasing jumbo perch

February 24, 2014

Willow beach is the nearest Lake Simcoe access point near my place, so I figured I’d give it a quick shot before work started at 3pm. I’ve been there three times before. The first time, hikedĀ 6+ km and marked only 2 fish. The second time, I caught some dink perch. The third time, I caught a laker and then continued to be plagued by dink perch.

I started fishing around 8am in 45 fow looking for whitefish. Since I’m usually plagued by perch here, I wanted to use a lure that both the whitefish and the perch would bite. This way, if I started catching non-stop dink perch, I could re-locate instead of incorrectly thinking the marks to be whitefish. Small jigging rap it was.

I stared a blank screen for a few minutes, but this the pattern there. You will have a blank screen for a bit before the perch come in to investigate. Well, something ELSE came to investigate this time!

IMG 7282 Jumbo laker chasing jumbo perch

This was likely my new PB lake trout, however I didn’t have my scale with me.

Then the fish finder was quite active for the next hour or so. I’ve never caught “jumbo” perch before, but I was pleasently surprised by the size of perch in the school I found.

IMG 7284 Jumbo laker chasing jumbo perch

7f0531af 9ce9 4fa7 85b5 3f3ceea56043 Jumbo laker chasing jumbo perch

No idea if these constitute “jumbo” or not, but they were fun and action was non-stop. Not what I was after, so I left the non-stop non-dink action to find a new spot.

The pattern for the rest of the day was a blank screen in deep water (70-80 fow) and dink perch between 40-60 fow.

I didn’t try shallower than 40. Perhaps next time.

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