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Burbot blast

March 19, 2013
With the Lake Simcoe seasons for lakers and whitefish coming to a close, I decided to pay a visit to Eli and explore some new ice this weekend. You know, mix things up a little. Eli had a plan in mind, and it was soon decided that our mission would be to catch our first lake whitefish out of a lake in Quebec. Read more

A morning at the oasis

February 12, 2013
In the right places, the Rapala W2 jigging rap tipped with a pinhead shiner can do serious damage. The past two mornings have been spent fishing my safety spot. I learned the benefits of moving around while ice fishing. It took a lot of moving around to locate fish, but once they were found I was able to keep them in the area by chumming chunks of minnows. Read more