Well, if you want it that badly…

March 11, 2013

As line peeled off my reel, I looked back at the mark that changed my day.

One verticle line slowly scrolled to the left on my graph. That was bar that the fish had drawn.

My lure was reeled 60 ft from bottom when the fish had decided it wanted it. It wanted it bad. The fish had shot itself from bottom, up 60 ft in under 3 seconds.

Well, if it wanted it THAT bad….

555002 4196501484682 1271188094 n Well, if you want it that badly...

8 lb.

I was following the same up 40 ft. and down pattern with my 3″ ripple shad swimbait all day. This one time I had decided to go up really high and apparently this fish wanted to get high… =P.

And that’s all I got all weekend. I locked in on a great whitefish spot and returned as the 1st guy out on Sunday. I met a whitefish enthusiast that coached me and proceeded to catch 2 right next to me on the exact same lure and technique… frustrating. But now I believe that it can be done. Season closes Friday, and I likely will not make it out again.

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