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Lifer hunting in Oakville

August 4, 2012
I had some fun catching new species in a creek about an hour away from where I live. River chub: Spotfin shiner: Another spotfin shiner: The other fish are either rosyface or silver shiners.  My pictures aren’t sufficient to differentiate the two and a future trip in the spring may be necessary to sort out the rosyface shiners based on the spawning colouration. Read more

Local suburban adventures

June 14, 2012
My hunt for suburban Markham fish is under way. Here are three of my more peculiar outings thus far. March 18: Rouge river I started my trek on a stretch of the Rouge by McCowan Rd. I was hoping it would feed directly into the pond at McCowan and Bullock, but it was blocked by a dam. Read more

Fishing for carp at Milne Dam

May 25, 2012
This spring I’ve spent a fair chunk of my free time at the Milne Dam Conservation Area in pursuit of carp. May 11: Well I headed out this afternoon in search of small carp in Milne Dam Park in Markham. The main gates were closed so I took the “back route” through the local schoolyard. Read more