Northern Hogsucker success

September 5, 2012

I made quite a few trips to this Lake Ontario tributary last month in search of running salmon.  Empty-handed on the salmon, I turned my sights on the northern hogsuckers that filled this creek.  There were so many of them, and just as many of them to ignore my bait entirely!

As Ken would describe it, they just make you want to pull your hair out!  You can crawl your worm right in front of them and they’ll just swim on by without the slightest care.

Finally, after dozens of attempts, I managed to find a good sized one that was intensely grubbing one hole over and over again.  I crawled my worm right smack into the hole he was grubbing and FINALLY he picked it up after spitting it in and out a few times!  A catch I will not soon forget!

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Also during this trip, I picked up a few more fish.

A gorgeous example of a river chub:

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And a silver shiner which can be identified by the arrangement of the dorsal and pelvic fins as well as the black crescents appearing between its nostrils.

223863 3385525850798 1447556758 n Northern Hogsucker success

396113 3385525530790 2117366592 n Northern Hogsucker success

395346 3385524890774 1037759187 n Northern Hogsucker success

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