Salmonid insanity!

August 28, 2012

I had originally set out to catch a particular minnow which I have not yet identified. I had caught a minnow with bright red fins earlier in the year at this spot, and I wanted to revisit it to add it to my lifelist with a picture. Two trips later, I have failed to find this particular fish… but I have come across so much more!

I was lucky enough to happen upon a smorgasbord of salmonids (among a few other things). A size 20 parachute adams dry fly and a small bit of worm on a small hook were my tickets to the following fish.

The first evening I happened upon a few resident rainbows, a common shiner, and this made my night:

580135 3358433013494 1777387800 n e1414867195860 Salmonid insanity!

At first, I was confused by all the spotting. I showed the picture to Ken and he told me it was a Brook Trout! I had not expected to find a pure brook trout where I was fishing.

549469 3358433293501 183988242 n e1414867160418 Salmonid insanity!

It had some sort of parasitic infection, and it had it bad. Regardless, looking past the black spots you can see just how gorgeous this fish was.  Red spots and blue halos.

205929 3358432653485 112854144 n Salmonid insanity!

300488 3358432053470 1991100035 n Salmonid insanity!

On my next trip to the same spot I started off by sight-fishing this white sucker:

577033 3358433813514 1925812244 n Salmonid insanity!

I returned to the pool I had caught that brookie to find resident rainbow after rainbow. I noticed some micros in the pool and tied on my size 24 hooks to get my first Blacknose Dace:

575608 3358434653535 1735592385 n Salmonid insanity!


294367 3358435053545 2089191451 n Salmonid insanity!

I worked my way upstream, catching rainbows along the way:

555521 3358434053520 1769558612 n Salmonid insanity!

293169 3358435333552 412140094 n Salmonid insanity!

523602 3358435693561 26020441 n Salmonid insanity!

In a shallow and fast eddie, I hooked into something different!  I noted the deeply forked tail as indication of a salmon.

Additional identification assistance from Ken revealed the fish to be an Atlantic Salmon par.

418793 3358436133572 1425406325 n Salmonid insanity!

558521 3358436493581 540382449 n Salmonid insanity!

I was stoked! I had never caught a salmon parr before! I caught another one out of the same lane but it shook out of my hands before I could get a sharp picture…

296686 3358504055270 151899886 n Salmonid insanity!

I’ve read that salmon parr prefer faster water than trout parr. Well, in another shallow area further upstream I caught another atlantic salmon parr.

523404 3358436893591 1886894754 n Salmonid insanity!

426587 3358437293601 251404198 n Salmonid insanity!

546036 3358437773613 1340950706 n Salmonid insanity!

304626 3358437973618 1276759068 n Salmonid insanity!

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