Algonquin Provincial Park and some Ontario bass fishing

Algonquin Provincial Park Trip and some Ontario bass fishing

July 6, 2014
Last weekend, some friends and I portaged into one of Algonquin Provincial Park’s many back lakes. Trolling a crankbait to howling wolves, jumping lake trout, diving loons, and a rising sun. That was the highlight of my weekend and undoubtedly one of my favourite fishing experiences to date. Read more

Not your typical bait fish

June 26, 2014
Walked around the corner from home to do some bait catching for an upcoming trip to my friend’s cottage. Half the submerged shopping cart seemed good place to start! I focused on the slack water just upstream that shopping cart. I started with a #12ish hook but I wanted some smaller creek chubs, so I tied on a #22. Read more

Local lake hammer handles

June 2, 2014
Spent yesterday morning and this afternoon fishing pike with a kayak buddy or two. Nothing crazy, just some fun little rockets. My friend has got some kind of a knack for these things. All on the same lures too. Even after I tried a whole bunch of different things he managed to out-fish me each time. Read more

Wendy and friends

May 29, 2014
I had a chance to take the newly acquired Hobie Outback for a peddle on Lake Simcoe after work today. Despite some reports of the whitefish changing locations in the warming weather, I still found them in the same area. It wasn’t gangbusters, but it was a slow stream of interested fish bringing me to 3 for 4 in about 2 hours of fishing time before sunset. Read more