Bumbling through Florida

December 31, 2015

PC240825 1024x768 Bumbling through Florida

The next morning was fairly standard fair for Floridian pier fishing.  There were plenty of scrawled filefish around for us to toy with.  They loved the chum bag!

PC240844 1024x768 Bumbling through Florida

Elijah found some grey triggerfish and I joined him for my new life list entry.

Grey triggerfishPC240835 1024x768 Bumbling through Florida

Redtail parrotfish and dusky damsel also made it topside.

PC240840 1024x768 Bumbling through FloridaPC240832 1024x768 Bumbling through Florida

Pelicans abounded and I was almost taken out by another angler’s stray cast of a sinker that was terrifyingly massive.

PC240841 1024x768 Bumbling through Florida

Bartek and I again had way too much fun arranging incidentally snagged bits of the reef into metaphorical art.

PC240854 1024x768 Bumbling through Florida

We weren’t sure what it meant either.

Around lunch time we switched spots and were presented by a terrific mix of parrotfish.  Unfortunately, other annoying reef fish, such as the slippery dicks, were always first to our hooks.

I spotted a lionfish, but Ken bested me at presenting a bait to it.  Ken’s attention to detail is quite remarkable!

With not much else to catch, Ken had a blast constructing a Christmas tree with his sabiki rig by filling it with a smorgasbord of reef fish.

PC240864 e1459489255767 767x1024 Bumbling through Florida

There’s always the consolation filefish…

PC240858 1024x768 Bumbling through Florida

We returned to the pier for the evening bite before Ken dropped Bartek and I off at our hotel.  Ken was spending some time with family so Elijah, Bartek, and I made plans to fish Christmas day.

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