Cottage weekend on Drag Lake

June 24, 2013

Besides other “cottage weekend” activities, I had the opportunity to take a kayak or two out for a spin during prime fishing hours at first light and in he evening.

You may recall my crazed lake trout hunt on Drag Lake from last year.

Anyways, I decided to focus on bass this year since the lake trout thing didn’t quite work last year. I plundered the shorelines, casting to overhanging branches and over submerged structures.

IMG 3330 Cottage weekend on Drag Lake

IMG 3344 Cottage weekend on Drag Lake

I always chased some marks on the fish finder whenever I passed over a busy spot on the graph.

IMG 3341 Cottage weekend on Drag Lake

As I cruised across a bay, I noticed a lot of fish suspending in 20-30 FOW over about 40-60 FOW. They weren’t sparse, they were actually quite common. I decided that they were lake trout or their forage, so I dropped my swimbait down and drifted with the wind, jigging periodically. It didn’t take long at all to find what I had beenĀ looking for last year!

IMG 3347 Cottage weekend on Drag Lake

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