Springtime in Virginia

May 9, 2016

After a late dinner with the group, the next morning we set up for white catfish.  These fish truly are a rarity, so the fact that Pat and Ben had caught two of them at this spot was very exciting.  After an already successful species-hunting trip, they would truly be a remarkable bonus.  We set up two rods each, two with worms and two with cut bait.

A striped bass came to say hello.

P5083205 1024x768 Springtime in Virginia

What happened next was absolutely ridiculous.  After a few white perch catches, I had a stronger take on my worm-baited rod.  As I reeled the fish in, I thought it was a strange-looking channel catfish so I called for the net.  George netted the fish and immediately had a take on his cut-bait rod.  I didn’t have time to take my catfish out of the net so I scooped George’s catfish in with mine.

We walked back to examine what we had.  They were bullhead-like, with all-white whiskers and rounded anal fins.  Two white catfish. Two white catfish, back-to-back, scooped in the same net.  These fish are rare?

White catfishP5083231 1024x767 Springtime in Virginia

P5083227 1024x768 Springtime in Virginia

Not five minutes later, I had back-to-back striper and another white catfish!

P5083234 1024x768 Springtime in Virginia

George and I were in disbelief.  What an incredible and completely unexpected species to add to our lists.

As high tide approached, the bite slowed and George and I had some extra time to revisit the spot for shiners.  The water had cleared substantially.  Still, all I found were mummichog and redbreast sunfish.

P5083271 1024x768 Springtime in Virginia

The mummichog in this area were gorgeously coloured up, for spawning I presume.

P5083275 1024x768 Springtime in Virginia

Redbreast sunfishP5083255 1024x768 Springtime in Virginia

Ken and Pat’s advice to check downstream areas panned out and we eventually intercepted the shiners!

Satinfin shinerP5083306 1024x767 Springtime in Virginia

Swollowtail shinerP5083309 1024x768 Springtime in Virginia

What a great way to finish off a trip that, despite the weather being fully against us, completely panned out!  White catfish were an immense bonus that I will not soon forget.  Huge thanks to Pat once again for guiding us this weekend!

P5083240 768x1024 Springtime in Virginia

2 thoughts on “Springtime in Virginia

  1. Michael Post author

    Thanks for the comment John! I would love to go back just for those snakehead, they are stunning fish… and I want a bigger one! =)


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