My first suckers and carp!

April 4, 2012

Taking advantage of the nice sunshine, I spent the afternoons at my local Rouge river. Weather was clear and sunny most of the time, some cloudy brakes.

Following Blair’s advice from the OFF forum, I headed out to grab some suckers! I used the same rig both days, just a yellow bead and worms on a medium-sized hook.

Day 1:

I got into chubs as soon as I plunked my line. Chubs chubs everywhere! I knew I was in a pool of chubs because of their frenzy in trying to eat my worm.

532706 2744620948576 308901271 n My first suckers and carp!

I moved on from the chubs, too many of them. I found a pool without them and let me line sit. Apparently I suck at noticing strikes because I didn’t even know the next 2 suckers had bitten until I got bored and reeled in.

555655 2744621148581 355374493 n My first suckers and carp!

552467 2744621428588 1835122813 n My first suckers and carp!

I saw a big carp splashing on the surface and wondered why did did that.

Around 5 or 6 it seems the suckers weren’t hungry. I ran out of worms and went home.

Day 2

I continued on the river where I left off yesterday and covered new ground. About half an hour in to my trek, I heard splashing. Of course I thought it was trout… WRONG! Carp! I got closer and noticed carp were splashing.

I parked there and enjoyed the very first carp of my life. Then 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. I was STOKED! Worms off the bottom.

540569 2744622708620 1574319990 n My first suckers and carp!


554829 2744623788647 1044657375 n My first suckers and carp!

534117 2744625108680 1543173651 n My first suckers and carp!

524039 2820444004105 1859028967 n My first suckers and carp!

I had some happy trails, and so did the deer…

295047 2744621748596 268039536 n My first suckers and carp!

2 of the carp I didn’t noticed until I reeled in. I need to improve my strike indication somehow.

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