Kickin’ bass

July 5, 2013

On the long weekend, FishFight once again invited me to join him and Zack on his boat to fish for bass on the Niagara river. Last time we were out, I saw over 7 muskies so I brought muskie gear as well.

I started by dropshotting straight down from the boat, but I wasn’t getting much water covered compared to Josh and Zack, who were both casting spoons. I switched up to a big x-zone swammer on a 3/8 ozjighead and proceeded to catch weeds on the bottom.

I lightened up a bit, to a 1/4 oz. weedless jighead tipped with a 3″ pearl swimbait. This ended up getting me my fish for the day.  I experimented with bigger spinnerbaits for muskie, but I didn’t see any.

When fishing in 10 fow, I tried to fish the weedless swimbait as close to the bottom as I could. I would let it sink, pick it up with my rod a bit off bottom, then let it sink again. When I was casting in 1-2 FOW towards shore, I would reel it quickly to keep it above the weeds.

It was my best day ever for smallmouth. 3 fish over 3 lbs, and a total of about 22lbs of bass I can credit to the little pearl swimbait.

IMG 0008 Kickin bass

IMG 0010 Kickin bass

IMG 0011 Kickin bass

IMG 0014 Kickin bass

And my new PB smallie weighting in at 3.6 lbs… the fatty of the day. I hooked tn in 2 fow right by shore. They cruise the shallows in the evening and this is a pattern I keep coming back to.

IMG 0018 Kickin bass

IMG 0023 Kickin bass

And one to say goodnight to the river that had been so kind

IMG 0025 1 Kickin bass

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